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Sunday, January 1st, 2017


Just who exactly is George Soros?

If there was ever a real-life James Bond villain, it is George Soros. Consider for a moment, a man who got his start as a Nazi collaborator.  He turned against his own people, sending many of them to their deaths at the hands of the SS in concentration camps, during WWII.  From there, this same man would use the wealth and knowledge he acquired (in typical Nazi fashion) to build a massive financial services empire. He then went on to use the profits from these services to influence everything from currency ratesRead More

Welcome to The Truth Files: Technology Section

In this section, you will find several articles from around the web as well as documentary and news items of everything related to technology and how it shapes our world. We are not just talking about new, cutting edge technology, but also technology and concepts that we have built our lives around and our success upon. Some of these technologies are considered obsolete or ‘forgotten’ tech. Others are suppressed and not always by some conspiracy by government and or corporations but simply through ignorance of their existence or resistance toRead More