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On a September 2016 night, the U.S. election was heating up.  It was quickly approaching the end of the 2016 election, only months away from choosing a candidate to be the next Leader of the Free World.  I was searching around online (like usual) about events in Russia, China or any other players that might possibly initiate a new World War.  To me, it was clear that the global situation had been brewing for many years.

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for the past six years that there was a build up to WWIII happening, right in front of people’s eyes.  Most people in my country and around the world didn’t have or couldn’t take the time to study the anomalies.  I couldn’t place my finger on it, but I knew something wasn’t right.  I hadn’t really posted anything about it, or spoke to anyone.  I just kept the information to myself, a few close friends, and my family; so they would know how to be prepared, should anything happen.  Over the years, much of the more detailed and in-depth research I kept to myself.  I did so, because I didn’t want to alarm anyone or look crazy.  I guess you could say the current leadership’s training to make people scared of them worked:  I didn’t want to be a target.

That night, I read a few stories about Russia and China that gave me chills.  Specifically, I was troubled and alarmed at what was happening in Syria with U.S./Russian tensions, and also what was happening in the South China Sea.  I was trying very hard to fit the pieces together on my own.  I even signed up for Google Notifications, to keep me updated on the various Geopolitical issues, and the countries I reasoned would be the key players in any lead-up to a Third World War.

I happened upon a few key articles and situations, and the pieces seemed to be rapidly falling into place.  The world situation–especially as it involved the U.S.–became very clear to me.  There was indeed a build up to the war I had feared.  The most alarming part was clear:  I had been in the wrong thought process, and on the wrong path to truth.  I had found documents that led me to the epiphany:  It was my own country stoking the fires of war.  My own country was lying and manipulating tensions around the globe.

Having been a U.S. Marine and dedicated former Democrat, I would have never thought it was possible that my own beloved United States was the one vigorously trying to create a situation where millions, maybe billions, would perish from the globe.  I was devastated.  I was in denial.  I was hurt and angry, more than I ever had been, before.  I felt betrayed by my country.  I felt betrayed that I and my brothers had signed up to fight a bullshit war, only for them to turn around and literally hire and train the same terrorists I had taken an oath to defeat.  All of the death and injury to my military family, innocent people, and enemy combatants was… for what?  I was and am livid.

I looked for anything and everything, to prove my new paradigm wrong…but, I couldn’t find it.  What I found, instead, was the extreme manipulation by our elected officials to hide the truth.  I found more and more and more…leading me to wake up out of a Matrix-like trance.  I had been encapsulated in it for too many years.

“How was this not clear to me, back then?  How could I have voted (twice) for the main source of the lies?  How many other people were stuck in the same dangerous paradigm around the world that I had just woken up from?”

I felt like Neo in “The Matrix” and had just found out everything I thought was real, was in fact a lie, and that things weren’t as they seemed.  I felt like a Jedi staring at the extending plasma of a Sith Lord’s light saber with just one question, “Will I save my Republic?”  I knew I had to do something, tell someone…anyone!  So, I started vigorously posting what I knew on social media. One conversation led to another, it led me to meet many like-minded people, and I kept posting.

I took an oath, when I joined the Marines.  I took that oath and I meant it.  Until my last, dying breath, I mean to uphold it.  I have committed my life to fighting our enemies, both foreign and domestic.  I was willing to die then, and I am willing to die now, so long as it is to do the right thing.  I gave my body, mind, and soul to the Marines.  Once a Marine always a Marine, so I am not about to stop, now.  They trained the wrong guy, and apparently didn’t think it would bite them in the ass.

It is time to fight back with knowledge reason, and truth.  It is time to tell the world what is happening.  It is time to start being very vocal, and informing our countrymen and the world about the TRUTH!  That’s why I created this company, and that is what gave birth to The Truth Files.

Welcome to The Truth Files
-Christopher Scott
C.E.O., Founder, and U.S. Marine

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