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Aircraft Carriers MIA is BIG Problem

In a recent (very problematic) military move, Obama has allowed all but one of the U.S. Aircraft carriers to be docked in the U.S. at the same time.  Some people may think that the aircraft carriers not being present in the Middle East or around the world, is no big deal.  However, when this action is being questioned by an article on it’s time to listen up:

Fox News reported a chilling fact on the carrier crisis: For the next week, not only will there be no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East, but there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, despite a host of worldwide threats facing the United States.” The very first paragraph of this article really sets a tone that if you’ve been paying attention should be shouting, “We are not being told everything!”  More than likely, if you had that same thought, you were rightly skeptical.

In the DODBuzz article, they say that the carrier gap in the Middle East could last months, even after the inauguration of Donald J. Trump on the 20th of January.  If that doesn’t scream “red flag”, I don’t know what does.  DODbuzz goes on to detail that this is “a rare occurrence amid a heated fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria and a slew of burgeoning tensions in Russia, China, and elsewhere.”  A rare occurrence indeed, since this has not happened since…well…ever. is an affiliate of is simply the dedicated news mouthpiece of the Military and has been for many years. So sure, you can pull an article from Fox news, bitch and moan, and wonder if maybe it’s fake, or just put it down to a misinformed researcher.  Conversely, when it is a site directly involved in military current events (that has direct access to current military Intel), and they are basically stating this is a huge problem…As Odumber says, “C’mon, Man!”

While this may merely be horrible military strategy from a President who has no experience at successfully winning or ending a war, I highly doubt it.  The article goes on to chronicle that the U.S.N. Carrier Eisenhower is “…unlikely (to return to sea) before the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, according to a Navy source…The gap could last as long as two months, sources said, between the time the Eisenhower left the combat theater and the Bush arrives.”  This move is highly unintelligent in every way, very un-presidential, and should have many people questioning the motive(s) involved in the decision.

However, more likely with all that’s been revealed in the recent months and years, it’s a setup not only to make life harder for Trump and “The Deplorables” who elected him, but to cripple the U.S.A. before O’numbnuts leaves office. It is no secret that the Democrats want to see the Republicans fail in every way possible.  Obama’s move seems in concert with his recent attacks on our oldest and most reviled document, the U.S. Constitution.  This mind boggling military move does not make a whole lot of sense, given the current events happening around the world.

For one, we have legitimate threats from ISIS that they want to infiltrate not only our country, but every civilized country around the world.  Their main method of doing so is by infiltrating the ranks of refugees seeking political asylum from a war torn Middle East.  In a Washington Post article, they revealed details about how four men of the Islamic State infiltrated and sent trained terrorists, blending in among the ranks of refugees.

“On a crisp morning last October, 198 migrants arrived on the Greek island of Leros, all of them seemingly desperate people seeking sanctuary in Europe. But hiding among them were four men with a very different agenda.  The four were posing as war-weary Syrians — all carrying doctored passports with false identities. And they were on a deadly mission for the Islamic State.”, Yahoo News, Fox News, Zero Hedge, and a slew of other websites have reported on the Carrier Crisis in the last few days, in the same shocked tone as many others.  None of them have anything positive to say about the strategic disturbance.  In fact, no matter what light you shine on this, it adds up to “something stinks horribly” and it isn’t just Michelle’s fourth day wearing the same jockstrap.

Let’s act brain dead for a minute, like Liberals, and consider Obama really is worried about Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election.  Well, if Obama was really worried about Russia interfering in our elections, why make such a glaringly idiotic move?

It wouldn’t take a North Korean rocket scientist to know that we should have carriers positioned around the world, so that we can rapidly deploy aid or fighter jets in case of the worst possible scenarios.  This less than intelligent aircraft carrier fiasco would seem to be quite counterproductive to the safety and security of the U.S. and her allies.

Lastly, a real threat is evident in the ongoing tensions lately with China, and the dispute over shipping lanes and other rights to the South China Sea.  The dispute arises over who owns that part of the Ocean (if anyone), and who controls the maritime traffic in and out of that region (if anyone).  China has been saber rattling and flexing its muscle towards nearby countries throughout this highly volatile situation, and has deliberately shunned U.S. attempts to resolve it.

With the completion of their first new aircraft carrier, China has now become an even more prominent threat to Taiwan and neighboring countries, as tensions have become very high in the region. Escalating the volatility still more China’s reaction to Taiwan’s congratulatory phone call to President Elect Donald Trump on his recent victory.  The conflated debacle with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen made already precarious Sino-American relations much worse.

In an article in The Guardian, a prominent state-run Chinese media source told the Global Times:

“The Chinese fleet will cruise to the eastern Pacific sooner or later. When China’s aircraft carrier fleet appears in offshore areas of the US one day, it will trigger intense thinking about maritime rules…”

So in summary, we do not know why President Obama has pulled all but one of our most valuable and important military assets back.  Instead of being strategically positioned around the Globe, there is only 1 ship, The U.S.S. Reagan, stationed in Japan.  The ships are literally all in only three naval facilities around the United States:  Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; and Bremerton, WA.  The move defies logic, and may make for an easy target, should any of our enemies get the bright idea to attack.

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