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George Soros

If there was ever a real-life James Bond villain, it is George Soros.

Consider for a moment, a man who got his start as a NAZI collaborator, turning against his own people, sending many of them to their deaths at the hands of the S.S. in concentration camps during WWII. From there this same man would use the wealth and knowledge he acquired in typical NAZI fashion to go on and build a massive financial services empire (aka hedge fund management). This man would then use these profits from said services to interfere with everything from currency rates to climate science. It’s almost as if this man had continued on with the war, not as a NAZI but as a “globalist”?  Is there a difference? What kind of man would do such things and claim that his efforts were justified, feeling no guilt for his involvement?

The Truth Files identifies this man as an enemy combatant. An enemy to humanity. That man is George Soros.

Here is some basic information on him and his business operations and the various groups, foundations, and organizations he controls or finances in some form. Great reading and viewing. Please take your time and thoroughly study the material we have included below.

Wikipedia: George Soros

Open Societies Foundation (Soros Controlled and Funded)

Human Events Article:  Top ten reasons George Soros is dangerous.

Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests — Provoking US ‘Color Revolution’ Article Article Describing all of the primary organizations that Soros either funds, controls (or both) or otherwise is linked to. This is a really big, scary list.

Wikipedia: was founded by Res Publica, a George Soros backed entity, in 2007.
Please visit for more information on the linkages between Soros, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Beware of any of their so-called “good deeds” or motives.

More to follow…