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Fake News Psychological Operation Against The U.S.

The whole “fake news” PsyOp reminds me of Leslie Nielsen (in The Naked Gun), when he shouts, “Alright!  Move along!  Nothing to see here!  Please, disperse!”  Meanwhile (in the background), buildings are exploding, men are running for cover, and all hell is breaking loose.  I only wish this were as funny.

By now, we are all familiar with how Obama has stabbed Israel in the back, by abstaining from certain key U.N. resolutions.  If you are not, pick up any newspaper or tune in to any alternative news channel, and catch up.  Something sinister to Israel is apparently happening, but bear in mind that Obama is obviously stabbing the American people in the back, as well.  With his pen and phone in hand, he has substituted Executive Orders for legitimate legislation as much as possible, misplaced and deliberately misspent funds, given unconstitutional orders, made ill-considered military decisions, and stolen land from hard working Americans.  If O’Numbnuts can’t have his way, NO ONE CAN!

If you just woke up from a slumber reminiscent of “The Matrix”, induced by the Leftist propaganda machine…Welcome!   Let’s have a talk.  If you are still in a politically induced coma, slap yourself very quickly, 5 times, and wake up! I fear something devious is brewing and we don’t have much time.  So, listen closely.  We may only get one shot at this.

Sadly, many are being purposely brainwashed by a “fake news” psychological operation (PsyOp) that is being perpetuated by media, politicians and other sources of psychological conditioning. A psychological operation is something a military or intelligence agency (such as the CIA) uses to attack a society.  Disseminating false information can create an optimal mental or psychological condition for subversion or outright conquest.  For example, using false headlines such as “Wikileaks:  DNC E-mails Hacked by Russians”, or injecting information into Al Qaeda communications to indicate that one of their leaders has been captured or killed sets a narrative.  Repeating the false statement over and over again causes some people to believe and parrot the narrative.  If successful, it changes the paradigms under which the citizens or enemy within the target group make their decisions.

(Declassified Top Secret CIA PsyOps: )

The CIA has been using this method to confuse and overthrow societies it deems unfit since the inception of the CIA (18SEP1947). The CIA’s main function is infiltration, and it is and has been using it against the American citizenry as well as her enemies.  It is tough to say what their objective is domestically, but you can bet when the CIA is involved, it is more than likely to overthrow a country and establish new leadership.  This is a much neglected subject, and should be more widely known.  It would take a mere 3-7 days of true study to find that we are all being screwed with a big, black PsyOps weenie.  Instead of researching any story that sounds far fetched, it’s as though every other commenter on social media is some numbskull annoyingly chiming in with “fake news”, like fingernails on a chalk board.

Moreover, I am continually amazed (no matter how much I see it on social media), when fellow veterans or current service members seem to be completely unaware of the treasonous operations against our country by none other than the Commander in Chief, and his extensive globalist cabal.  With civilians being none the wiser, maybe I understand it from them.  But many of our inept Liberal/Progressive brothers and sisters seem to think this is all one big joke, and that the Republicans are just overreacting.  Maybe they are just in on it (and 100% complicit), with no remorse.  Really, what else could be said about the heinous actions that no one seems to be doing anything about or protesting?  They’re either in on it…or extremely dim-witted.

Keep in mind the PsyOps catch phrases heavily perpetuated by the Left:  “Trump is bad for America”, “Russians are interfering with the elections”.  Dwell for a moment on how everything and anything that hurt the Democrats’ diabolical plans is termed “fake news”.  They reason that it must all be true, since it’s parroted by C list actors, corrupt educational institutions, dumbed-down lying media, and (most importantly) their corrupt and conniving political leaders.  “Since [insert names of corrupt entities here] said it, it must be the truth!”  Many people are unaware of what is happening to them, so they ignorantly buy it…hook, line, and sinker.  They are so unfocused and distracted with their lives, peer pressure, and propaganda, that they never study it more or give it more thought than their sadistic “masters” allow.

You would think, with the many fired military commanders over the years coming forward and begging the public to see that something isn’t right, or complaining about Obama, that the public and military would know something stinks to high heaven.  Nope.  They just innately turn off their brains and holler in unison, “Duuhhhrrrrr!”  It’s time to wake up, Snowflakes, and deprogram yourselves through knowledge and reason.

The whole Fake News PsyOp is really no different than George Bush Jr.’s “weapons of mass destruction” mantra, with a similar corrupt cabal, on a different side.  While being covered by the lame stream (now discredited) media outlets across the country, it was recited over and over and over.  Just in case you were not brainwashed already, they use Pavlovian chants from famous actors and comedians, or lace it into every media source they can pay off.  The purpose is to make it always in the forefront of every susceptible person’s mind.  The fake news phenomena is now studied in school, addressed in law behind everyone’s back, censored by internet giants, and sustained by almost everyone who is unwittingly on that side of Stupid, shouting down all opposition.  Although the SOP is similar, one very important difference in the WMD PsyOp was that it targeted the Saddam Hussein and Iraq, not the United States.  Our citizenry seem to be the target, this time around.  That fact should send chills down your spine, and scare the living shit out of everyone reading this.

When the CIA was using its well-studied mind control techniques against other countries, I was indifferent; thinking, “Ehhhh, whatever.  We have to do what we have to do.”  Conversely, when I noticed they were using their false flag narratives against my country–the people of the U.S.–I said, “Hell, no.  It’s time to suit the fuck up!”  Instantaneously, I snapped to, and stopped sauntering around in my indifferent trance…because I saw the evidence blanketing our society.  With so many people seemingly unaware of the warning signs, I have to act, and warn others.

I had studied this in depth before.  I had seen and heard about it being used very successfully against islamists during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that I had trained for.  Now, here it is, staring me right in the fucking face.  Only, this time, my government is clearly using it to socially engineer my fellow Americans (against their will), to follow a force that is inevitably destructive.  That destructive force’s name is Liberalism.  If you haven’t studied the way the CIA uses false flags and mind control, I suggest you go do that, after you finish reading this.  Quit being a weak minded, instant gratification Snopes user.  Take a few minutes out of your day, and simply type into your search engine:  “CIA mind control”, “CIA False Flag”, or “Military PsyOps” and learn a little about our country’s technique of overthrowing other countries.

The current fake news operation uses the exact same Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as previous PsyOps, and they are using it on you!  It has been on South Park, CNN, The Simpsons, Bad Grandpa, commercials, and virtually all sources of media you consume.  It is one of those things, once seen, that cannot be unseen.  You may be wondering, “Why would they do this to our own people?”  It’s simple:  Social engineering resulting in social control.  They want you to be socially disabled, and follow their narrative without question.  So, they bombard you with it everywhere you look, ensuring you remain complicit and unaware.  When it becomes the norm, like burning Jews in industrial ovens, it becomes background noise.  That’s how powerful this shit is, and they have perfected it…TRUST ME.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can only be maintained for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic, and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany, Reich Minister of Propaganda, 1933 to 1945.

Although America defeated the sadistic German National Socialists in World War II, some people in western governments really appreciated their propaganda tactics.  It seems that with the last few presidents, they took a page straight out of the Nazi playbook.  That is correct:  This form of social control was created by the Nazis, and they did a damn good job of convincing people to do whatever they wanted them to.  Today, these are the leaders on the Left, folks.  They call themselves Socialists, Democratic Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, or just Democrats.   Time to unmask them, and to show you who they really are.  It’s not fair, and I refuse to sit idly by, and just let them do it.

Whoever Obama is, he is starting a war based on falsified Russian hacking reports.  He is funding terrorists in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.  He praises Islam in schools, while discouraging our Pledge of Allegiance.  He is sending $770 million in U.S. tax dollars overseas, to rebuild mosques.  His Birth certificate is, in FACT, fake.  We are $20 trillion in debt.  He has spent over $85 million (in tax payer dollars) on vacations alone.  Racial and religious tensions around the globe are at an all time high.  He is telling us it’s good to bring refugees in, when we see clearly what’s happening in the EU.  He is backstabbing our allies and befriending our enemies.  Nevertheless, the mania that REALLY pisses me off is his opening our borders, giving potential terrorists our tax dollars, while veterans are dying and sleeping on cold fucking streets.  But wait, there is more…

His most Orwellian move yet?  He is taking free speech away, by illegally abolishing the first amendment protections provided to news outlets.  By censoring “fake news” (as determined by him and the Left), he has moved to exponentially build on Goebbels’ theory, furthering his PsyOp, and perpetuating a narrative that is dangerous to America.  The list goes on and on and on, making it hard to even comprehend.  You are being led by the nose…period.  The problems being zealously overlooked by The Left are integral parts of a very intricate PsyOp to give the dying Democratic party the upper hand, after the decimating losses of the presidential election.  The Democrat Party self-destructed due to public revelations about the sick and twisted ways they were attempting to win.  One way to beat a PsyOp is with prior knowledge that the PsyOp is being used against you.  That is why I implore you to continue studying, and Know Thy Enemy.

So…I know this is all a lot to take in and process, but please feel free to look into any of it, and see that something is not right.  We are getting closer to the end of Obama’s reign of fuck-ups, but I’m worried we haven’t seen the last of his plan to screw the U.S.A. in every possible way.  In conclusion, the PsyOp is only getting harsher in nature as time goes on, and I fear that in a last ditch effort, something horrible will come about.

The point of this article is to establish a basis so that you know what to look for, and recognize that when something seems off, it is not always fake news.  Look into things for yourself; read, study, take as much time to invest into our country and your safety as you do in your golf game, your gym time, or doing other trivial things.  If our country falls to terrorism, Islamic Jihad, or a civil war, NONE of the things you think matter right now will mean a fucking thing.  It’s time to take the red pill, and wake up from The Matrix.  As the old saying goes, “The truth will set us free.”  It’s time to wake up, People.  If we want true peace on earth, truth must be the overwhelming majority of the equation.  With all the back room deals, PsyOps, propaganda, secret meetings, shadow government, etc., it is impossible to create peace on earth.  Lies beget lies.  Truth begets truth.  The truth can create understanding, togetherness, and unity.  Just like in our personal lives and relations, lies will create distance, distrust and turmoil.

One of the first rules in therapy is that, “No one can change a person.  The person has to be inspired and want to change themselves.”  Take that theory, and use it on a larger societal scale, and the path we need to take becomes very clear.  We (Americans) cannot force others to follow in our footsteps.  We must merely set the example, and inspire others to follow.  Without the truth, we are setting the wrong example.  No more PsyOps.  No more bullshit.  No more lies.

To the military and intelligence communities, specifically:   Maybe some of you folks would be better off representing the Girl Scouts, singing kumbaya, and roasting marshmallows?  If you don’t have the best interests of the U.S. in mind, please quit.  Please, get out of your job or come forward and tell us the truth and save America.  Time to wake up and smell the gunpowder, Ladies and Gents, and be ready for something on our turf.  You’ve been lied to, and by 20JAN2017 I fear we will find out why.




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