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Just The Way You Are

I Love You, Just The Way You Are

I was kicking this around the other day in a discussion, and thought I would share.
The topic was the Democrats, and we agreed that they must be thoroughly defeated.  “But,” I asked, “who or what would replace them?”  I subscribe to the adage:  Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t.
Let’s take stock of the Democrat Party as an entity, as it stands, right now:  
They just lost a presidential election.  They have enough of a cumulative loss in federal and state legislative seats, that the number has a comma in it.  Their leadership’s average age is North of 85.  Many have been in office since the Reagan Administration.  They survived in office this long, by eliminating all challengers and rivals.  In turn, the Democrat Party has no “bench.”  The entire upper echelon of the Democrat party suffers from “age related incompetence”, even when it comes to consumer electronics and communications via the internet.  Therefor, they see no need for cyber-security, or even know why they would need it.  They bet the ranch on “getting rid of white people” in general, and white males, in particular…and lost.  Big time.  Because they are good at fundraising, they continue to have their jobs, regardless of how they did or did not perform.
They aren’t going away, anytime soon.  Because they are Democrats, they will never see or admit that there was or is anything wrong.
That’s the short list.
As you can easily see, the Democrat Party has a LOT of serious problems.  These problems contribute to them losing elections and staying out of power.
So, why would we want them to improve, change, die, spontaneously combust, or anything like that?  We don’t.
We WANT an incompetent opponent.  We WANT an opponent distracted by internal struggles and issues.  We WANT them to continue to hemorrhage legislative seats, governorships, mayorships, and any of the other elected positions in government.  They have been proven to be totally incompetent.  We want them removed.
But, without the Democrat Party, what would there be?  Angry focus groups, as “political parties”?  Let your imagination run wild.  The Democrats are as bogged down in dealing with all of the special interest groups as the focus groups are with the Democrats.  Let ’em kiss each other on the lips, or whatever it is that they do.  Without the Democrat Party, they would be looking elsewhere for effing attention.

So, let’s enjoy an AFU Democrat Party.  Besides, they sure are funny to watch.

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