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Is Donald J. Trump America’s Captain Kirk?

Earlier today, a friend of mine posted this, on Facebook:

“You know, most countries don’t have the luxury of seeing if something works, before they try it.  That would be awesome, like having a crystal ball.  Yet, even tho we’re seeing how Socialism is failing in Europe and Venezuela, and watching what an utter catastrophe accepting so many “refugees” has done to Europe, we still have half a country that wants to follow in those same footsteps of failure.
That is absolutely CRAZY!  Yet, they think anyone that disagrees w/ them are racists. SMFH.  They even call Trump a misogynist.  Um, does anybody remember when we had a serial sexual harasser/molester/rapist in the White House?”

Now, that post got me thinking.  As always, that leads to some rather strange ways of looking at things, and when I relay those thoughts to other people, they get weirded out, but…what the hell; I’ll put it down here, for your reading enjoyment.  Now then; two central figures in my life when I was growing up were Captain James Kirk and President Ronald Reagan.  This factored heavily into my article here, as so many of us are into science-fiction, and it helped me ground things in stuff we know, and know well.  I’m going to link up how we need Captain Kirk in the Captain’s Chair that exists behind the desk, in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump, in the Captain’s Chair.

Here is my reply:

It’s because they know it can’t work unless it’s implemented worldwide–and what they want to have work isn’t what is on the box that they are marketing.  They keep having to come up with new packaging, but it’s still an “ism”.  What they want is the return of the Pharaohs, Emperors, and Kings.  The supposedly Benevolent Dictator will somehow (once magically chosen by them), wave a wand, and provide all of their desires and wishes, never once tempted by the opportunity to enslave them.  Well, that’s what they will get, except for the magic and wishes part.

We just avoided this, via the election of Donald J. Trump.  In doing so, we also avoided another potential possibility that would follow on that downward course:  A resulting government that would be too weak to oppose the forces of Islam.  Such a weakened nation would fall under the sword of Muhammad, possibly without it being swung…at least, initially.  From there, the ‘culling’ would start, and lead to mass murder on levels we have not seen, since, well…the last big expansion of Islam; about 1,200 years, ago.

If America goes, the world does, too.  If it goes in that manner, one thing is certain:  The Left have been warned–up-front–many times, but choose to be ignorant anyway, regarding the truth of what Muslims tell them, when they say Islam is “a religion of peace”.  They never bother to think about it, and ask, “What kind of a peace?”  Muslims don’t even really acknowledge what it really means, but that’s because they also choose to be ignorant.  No matter what, just about any scenario that involves Islam and the future of the human race, if it is not stopped in its tracks (and I mean right now), end up in the same place.  This is pursuant to every Muslim’s word.  That is what they want.  Somewhere, along the way, there would eventually be a point where this “religion of peace” thing becomes true; because Islam will have destroyed the world, and it would be a very quiet place, indeed, as humanity goes out, with the lights.  I think we just avoided that, too–again with the election of Donald J. Trump.  Clearly, the Clintons were heavily linked to some nasty people in the Middle East.  As for Obama, well…that’s another subject.

So, What’s in the Box?  Do you remember that movie, 7?  With the Seven Deadly Sins?  Do these people even know what it is that they really want?  Do they know where it really leads?  What is their “ism”, really?

I will tell you what it is not, first.  It’s not some new take on a “fool’s errand”, as referenced in the film, The Sum of All Fears.  If you know that line, and who speaks it–and what people in the world, today, have similar aims and goals–then you know it happened to have been a real life Nazi, and you will have some context, as to what is in play, here.  It does, however, lead to a similar state (like all the isms that dazzle them), as they offer the heart and soul of humanity for the price of admission.  The price is infinitely more.  Nor is that similar state, the “ism” they seek, some Utopian dream.  It will not result in some sort of Star Trek society.  Of course, the only state acceptable (to the protesters) would be a Teletubby-tainted version, after having gone through revisionist history and PC filters, at the hands of twats like Rick Berman, who took over after Roddenberry’s health failed.  Roddenberry was a true visionary, and he ultimately died, during the production of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Captain Kirk was considered too sexist, misogynistic, and racist for Berman’s Next Generation Trekkers, e.g.:  “You Klingon bastards!”.

What the Left wants is the complete opposite of these things.  That ism isn’t a prize you want to find at the bottom of a cereal box, either.  Like children in a grocery store, they demand they get it, or they will throw a tantrum; screaming, and throwing things.  They’ve done this many times before, and have been told, “No!”, over and over, again.  Occasionally, they have even talked themselves out of it, after remembering how sick it made them, and recognizing the trouble we all went through, trying to clean up their messes.

Still, they see the “commercial” on TV (propaganda spread by news media and educators, paid for by those who ultimately want total power), and even though what they are asking for is more expensive than they will ever know–and bad for everyone, no matter what they believe–they get it back in their heads that it’s the best thing, ever.  They feel they deserve it, and for not giving it to them, we are being mean.  They spew at the top of their lungs, with fists clenched, and stamping feet, things like, “Think of the children!”, through spittle-flecked lips.

Well, you can’t candy-coat this one, Kiddies.

The reason why they must not have what they are after, is because their “ism” isn’t what they think it is…it’s Extinctionism.

That is how it all plays out.  Millions have died from it, whether they chose to be consumers of it or not, and yet these idiots can’t figure it out.  Another round of their ism could be the end of it.  Now, before some goon says “But isn’t capitalism and Trump’s ‘Americanism, not globalism’ just another ism?”…here is the thing:  I specifically said their ism, and that is what is being sold as Democratic Socialism.  They don’t even know that in itself, it is a scam, and that what comes after leads to Extinctionism via Islamofascism.  We need something to counter these “isms” and it has been with us, since the start.  Trump’s “Americanism” isn’t just Trump’s.  It’s our founding fathers’.  It’s ours.  It’s what stands in the way of what these protesters and their sponsors want and they have to destroy it, in order to get their ism.  It’s at the root of our potential.  A potential which is as limitless as space and the future.  It has–time, and again–held the line against many other “isms” throughout our history, most recently on the 8th of November, 2016.  If you hadn’t guessed, the United States Constitution is that root.  Keep that word, “Constitution”, fresh in your head here, for a bit.  We will circle around.  I promise.

Oh, those globalists and protesters…it’s so frustrating for them.  That pesky document has a bad habit of saving the world.  Through the U.S. Constitution and the “will of good men”, it truly has done this.  Once, again–if you haven’t picked up on things–“It’s the only thing that stands between us and the devil”.  These two quoted lines are also taken from Thirteen Days.  Bruce Greenwood does a great job, playing J.F.K., by the way.  Interestingly, he also plays Captain Pike, who commanded the Enterprise before Kirk, in the new Star Trek films.  Thirteen Days deals with the two weeks in October, 1962, known as the “Cuban Missile Crisis”.  The Devil–simply put–is a reference to oblivion, for all humanity. No memory of us.  No descendants.  Not even the concept of “god”.  After all, what if we (humans) are the first and only ones out there?  Scary stuff, huh?  That whole thing about man being created in the image of G-d; and that stuff saying all men were created equal, with inalienable rights which are self-evident… kind of takes on a much greater meaning, now.  Doesn’t it?

As of the 20th of January (with Trump’s Inauguration), the American people–having participated in the Republic on the 8th of November, 2016–showed themselves and the world that it is possible to come back, from the brink.  We prevented a bunch of brats “under the influence” of George Soros, M.S.U., C.A.I.R., and A.N.S.W.E.R. (an outfit we haven’t heard from much, in awhile), from looting and burning down this country, and taking the rest of the world with it.  We have a lot of work to do, but there is hope, and it just tweeted (or, alternatively, “beamed”) itself into The White House.

While they threw rocks and smashed windows, set fires, and loudly promised more, they failed to acknowledge they have no idea what they were really demanding.  Ultimately, it would lead to the Devil (in the form of oblivion).  The marketing of their “ism” has gone from bad to worse.  Everyone but them knows that what’s in the box is a shit product, and they have become really good at reminding us why.  Hopefully, even to the point of them figuring out the same.

At the inauguration, they wanted to protest a man they believe isn’t fit for duty, because he believes in enterprise.  They are opposing his cabinet choices (or “crew”), because they are upset they didn’t get their choice to be at “the conn” (in command) of America.  She (America) was supposed to theirs, commanded by a woman.  They are saying the Constitution is flawed, because of the electoral college.  The man who did take the conn is Donald J. Trump, who in his inauguration speech, sounded a bit like the iconic character featured in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek; Capt. James Tiberius Kirk (as played by William Shatner).  I’m sure it’s just coincidence though, when it comes to important matters such as hair.  Now to be clear, there is no comparison between Clinton and Janeway, even if they had it in their heads to apply the Star Trek universe to american politics, in their own twisted way.  You know the whole “Woman Captain” thing?  Look, liberals…we don’t mind and would even support the idea of a woman Captain, but for the love of tribbles, you don’t go and draft one who is a Romulan agent for the job, just because her husband had a long go at it.  Didn’t you learn anything from last time around?

These idiots just don’t get it.  What part of the Wikileaks D.N.C. E-mails did you miss?  Did you just simply not notice how Hillary Clinton was like the Wicked Witch of the West?   Do you need the e-mails translated into the original Klingon, or something?

Star Trek works a lot, here because most people know it pretty well (over 50% of American’s consider themselves fans of the show).  However, many in the public (along with the bulk of those that I know, who worked on the later TV series) missed the point of Roddenberry’s vision for the show.  They are willing to use violence, intimidation, and totalitarian tactics, while seeking a Utopia they conflate as portrayed in Star Trek.  If only they can get their ism…their Precious.  Maybe they got confused by the Rick Berman era of Star Trek.  That’s not entirely unlikely.  It went a bit “Al Gore”, once he took over.  Anyway–here it is–you want a future like Star Trek portrayed?  Then, maybe watch the original series of Star Trek, including all of the first six films, and pay attention.  Look around, to see what is happening, right now…and see if you get “the point”, yet.  Here is a hint:  It’s happening, right now.

Trump sounded very much like Captain Kirk in his speech, and indeed emulates much of that character’s behavior.  A brash, confident (some might say egotistical) man, who offered up what is a large portion of the rest of his life, risking his life in order to save America and her people.  Now, he is under constant threat from these protesters and their masters.  Basically, he is saying something along the lines of, “Spare my ship, spare my crew.”  Like any honorable Star Fleet Captain.  The needs of the many, right?

America in this analogy is a “Constitution Class” Starship, named Enterprise.  Her “crew” are the Americans who believe in America, her people, and her purpose.  You could also say that America is the Federation, and that would work as a comparison.  Indeed, Roddenberry modelled the Federation in Star Trek after the United States and its creation, the United Nations.  Sadly, real life didn’t work out as well as in science fiction on that front, with respect to the U.N., at least for now.  The vision Gene Roddenberry had is the same one I have, and that’s with an America and U.N. that I believe in, not the twisted version that these protesters have had presented to them by their teachers, or that Hollywood is selling.  At least we didn’t have to go through the Eugenics Wars during the 90’s… Oh, wait!…  We went through the “Indoctrination and Re-education Age” with the Clintons.  Fuck.  Does that mean Clinton is Khan?  Yikes!  O.K., moving on.

It’s like we are living in an alternate timeline, or something.  A series of unfortunate events–leading to the ultimate destruction of our future as a species–is what we just backed away from.

While these Klingons (protesters) are not going to be easy to scrape off the Port bow (they are from the Left, after all), they will die; if we let them.  They may need a little encouragement, and thus the need for a scrape, but that has to come by cutting off their life support in the form of George Soros and others, who continue to back and organize Left-wing protest groups and their friends, around the world.  We have to expose them, and–while they are doing a pretty good job of this themselves–it’s important to lend them a hand, with that. Doing so is critical, because it matters for the historical record.  We have to send a clear transmission here, as the information sent is vital.  We are relaying their communications and intentions to the rest of “the fleet”, so others ships can defend against their attacks, and ultimately penetrate their shields of political correctness.  Defeat them, now, and later in the future, should they try, again.  Those ships in the fleet seem to be increasing in number and in strength with Brexit, the movements in Europe, Commonwealth nations, and elsewhere.  We can’t let them down.

Some decontamination wouldn’t hurt, either, and that is why The Truth Files exists.  These people need to face facts and get a grip as to what they are really asking for, understanding how often it has failed people in the past, and themselves, today.  We need to pull out those little slug things from their ears.  You know the ones that if left in for too long, go from making them susceptible to suggestion to slowly wrapping themselves around the cerebral cortex, causing madness (where they are, now), and eventual death?  Yeah, those.  Before one of these idiots tries to aim a phaser at us, only to end up setting themselves ablaze.  Strangely, earlier this week, something along these lines took place.  A protester set himself on fire outside of the old post office in Washington, D.C., which is now a Trump property.  Those slugs (in our reality) are the mainstream media, with the suggestions coming through to them via Media Matters and other groups connected to George Soros and his ilk.  We are not talking about “re-education” like they used to get in the old Soviet states, which was flat out thought control.  No.  What I propose (in terms of decontamination) is really just a rediscovery of our heritage, and the facts of our history.  That should be all that is required, to snap them out of it.  Rather than being taught what to think, they need to be taught how to think, reason, and make rational decisions.

What Trump said in his speech on the 20th of January, 2017 was very interesting.  Again, it relates to Star Trek, insofar as we hope to force those worms out of many pairs of ears around the world.  The message was simply the reaffirmation of the belief and truth that thus far, the American people and this nation are capable of doing anything, including conquering the final frontier.  So, let’s get on with it!

His references to space exploration by our nation (and by extension, humanity) now finds us just inside the doorstep of a new millennium.  It came through to me, and many that I know, as echoes of Kirk.

Basically, he said what Kirk said in StarTrek II, “I don’t believe in the No-Win Scenario”.  Damn straight!  Neither should we (or the rest of the world), when it comes to our challenges.  While some might try to say he cheated, Trump–just like Kirk, when faced with the Kobiashi-Maru test, in Starfleet Academy–changed the conditions of the test.  Kirk, of course (in the Star Trek Universe), ended up as being the most brilliant Star Ship Captain in history, having quite literally “saved the planet”, as depicted in the earlier film, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: The Voyage Home, and again by standing trial, in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country.

O.K., O.K.  Look, a Piccard or a Janeway might someday come, but right now we need Captain Kirk.  We need Donald J. Trump.  The media largely subjected him to “One, two, Kobiashi-Maru” treatment, but instead what they got was a volley of photon torpedoes up the tail pipe.  The test was fixed from the start, so he unfixed the test.  He didn’t cheat by getting help from Russia. He beat the “house” using its own rules against it, by playing the mainstream media as Jokers.  A game of Poker, Chicken, the Corbimite Maneuver, a Tweet.  No matter.  I, for one, am relieved.

It is my hope that Trump will go on to become the greatest “Starship Captain” we have had thus far, and that more great Captains will follow to take command of the Enterprise (America).

He has certainly demonstrated this, by winning the Presidency.  We were all told he would fail in that endeavor.  It was promised as an outright certainty.  A bit odd when media, celebrities, and politicians all said the same thing in lockstep, don’t you think?  Sounds a bit like the Borg, huh?

We averted a war with Russia–which could have easily escalated, beyond control (Nuclear)–by electing Donald J. Trump.  That’s one hell of a Kobiashi-Maru scenario, if you ask me, and yet these people are going to claim that he cheated, and bitch in the form of protests, riots, and more violence.  What is disturbing is that so many who profess they are desirous of peace, have resorted to violence, protesting his election, knowing full well what it would have meant if Hillary Clinton was elected.  The same people now claim that Trump is Hitler, or he is going to start WWIII, any minute.  Uh… No.  We just defeated your real life Nazi sponsors’ plans for that.  I guess those slugs are digging in deep, huh?

Regardless of who told us that he was going to be defeated, he wasn’t.  While some are screaming it’s the end of the world, as we have found with pretty much everything these people say; the opposite is true.  For America and (by extension, with this being my greatest hope) for the world, he has channelled even more Captain Kirk, “by turning death into a fighting chance, to live”, for us all.

While this may sound totally off the wall, I’m not the only person who thinks like this at least when it comes to the “Art of the Rule”.  Here is a great article that I suggest you read, by Dana Schaub, over at  I really recommend, it for anyone who might have stumbled across what I just wrote above, and calls themselves a Star Trek fan (it’s Trekker, not Trekkie), and yet somehow managed to also become a Left-wing, liberal, nut that supports Black Lives Matters, thinks Obama should be on Mount Rushmore, and has the ultimate “Red Shirt” in your wardrobe, in the form of a top with Che Guevara on the front.

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned President Ronald Reagan as being a central figure in my life along with Captain Kirk.  Well, President Reagan, was a real life Captain Kirk to me. He didn’t believe in a No-Win Scenario either.  Because of his version of “StarWars” (Strategic Defense Initiative), he saved the world, by using a bluff to call a bluff.  I guess he saw that episode (The Corbimite Maneuver) on Star Trek, too.

Strange, how things work out.

P.S. If you gave Mike Pence a set of pointed ears and eyebrows after having dyed his hair black he would look like Mr. Spock.  Still, just like back in the 1960’s, some easily offended busybody or opportunist would say he looks like Satan.  That’s actually touched on, in another Star Trek episode, called “The Omega Factor”.


Editor’s Note:  When I was much younger, we proudly identified ourselves and other fans as Trekkies.  Some have said it is erroneous or pejorative, but we frankly had been using it for twenty years, before hearing the term Trekker.  Your mileage may vary.

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